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How can you ensure your furniture is Child-friendly?

At an age where children love to play, jump and explore the environment, it becomes essential to take care of their safety especially since parents and teachers cannot be present everywhere all the time.

 We, at Edupod, the leading kids’ furniture designer in Singapore, have engineered and tested our entire range of products for child safety and accident protection. We strictly follow the ECDA guidelines and provide our customers with state of the art products.

Finger Alert 170-180°

 Over and above making all our furniture safe and child-friendly, we specialize in premium quality protection accessories like corner guardsfinger alerts, padding, window alerts, and anti-slip steps.

 Our exclusive variety of corner guards ranging from simple to designer options cater to different needs and facilities like hospitals, schools, homes and even industries. While some applications require corner guards to be distinctly visible and weatherproof, some might want it to blend with the surroundings. Starting at $2 for tables and $12 for wall edges, Edupod corner guards are affordable and easily available online.


Finger pinching due to gaps between the doorframes and doors is another common source of injury. Our carefully designed Finger guards,  Finger Alerts door blocker and door stopper follow the highest safety standards and help prevent finger entrapment. Our signature Edupod Finger Alert extreme product is a professional security system that can be used for doors with extremely wide openings. 

 Beyond these, one of our best sellers is the Transparent Finger Protection which is European regulation-compliant and blends easily with the surroundings for complete protection against finger injuries.

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No More Trapped Fingers!

I am one mischievous child when I was younger. I used to experiment with different things and sometimes, got hurt because of it. I remember when I was around six years old, my siblings and I were playing hide and seek and I decided to go behind the open door so I could peek in if the one who was “it” was coming. My fingers were on the gap on the hinge side of the door. I got surprised seeing that my sister was already behind me that I pushed the door away. As a result, my three fingers were trapped in the door which was really painful.

Any mother, including myself, would not let her child or children experience the same kind of pain. Placing Finger Alert Guard on doors is one of the simplest yet effective solution to avoid such kinds of situation. By covering the space created by the hinge side of the door when in an open position, this device can help prevent finger trapping accidents. Therefore, it prevents smashed fingers too.


Finger Latches Door Protection

Finger Guard

Finger Guard

I am a mother of three girls who are all toddlers and I was glad that finger guards are now out in the market. We have three rooms so you can imagine how many doors we have on our house. I’m sure you all know how adventurous, energetic and playful youngsters can be. They tend to try things that can sometimes hurt them. But these tools can easily tell my kids that they simply could not put their fingers through it.

Of course, every parent would want their children to enjoy childhood. But we should always keep in mind that their safety should always come first.

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Decorating your Nursery Room With Wall Decals

When we were growing up as a child, we would often come to play with the neighbors and we would usually be confined in a room they called nursery. Although I do not remember seeing any babies then, guess they have all grown up, I do remember seeing colorful designs on the wall that really caught my attention. Letters of the alphabet, flowers animals, shapes and numbers, photos of the family decorated in each room. We would usually write on the wall using the pencil, we were not allowed to do that, but we traced the letters of the alphabet and numbers, then the flowers and the animals, and then try to imitate those that we have traced on anything we can write on, even on the tables and doors.

I strongly believe that as a child grows up she remembers all these images even before she reached the school age. Being a mother, I think it is very important that little children are being conditioned to the things they will be thought in school when they come around. The images that they have been seeing as they grow up become more meaningful and come to life as they study them in school.

Wall DecalsWall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall DecalsWall Decals

Wall Decals

I remember watching on television, an almost 3 year’s old girl who can read. Imagine that? Her mother had been diligently showing her images and after a while she can read. That is even before a formal education from the school. How much faster can she go when she enrolls? She will be a fast learner or even advance kid. And her parents must be very proud of her.

For all the mothers, educators out there with babies, toddlers and pre-school children, Aside from having lots of stuff toys, nice cribs, teeter and so on, you should consider decorating your nursery rooms with beautiful, colorful and educational wall decals. The colors and images that we put together will surely boost the Einstein’s to your children. Educations starts at home so make sure you get what your child needs.

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Choosing Bookshelves for Kid’s Room


We often hear or read the benefits of reading especially to children.  It can improve and develop the child’s vocabulary, imagination, logic and other traits that can lead to academic excellence.

Every mother would also want kids to be bright and smart so whenever I go to a bookstore, I always make sure to buy a good book for my girls. Suddenly, I realized that I bought a lot of books that I did not know where to place them anymore. That’s when I decided that I need to buy a bookshelf for my kid’s bedroom. Here are some aspects that I considered before I chose and bought the perfect bookshelf for my kids.


Safety first! You MUST make sure that it’s steady enough to not fall over on your child. You also have to take note of the sharp edges or you may buy edge and corner guards to make sure it won’t hurt your little one. For smaller children, a vertical bookshelf would be a better choice so they can reach and browse ever shelf without climbing on it.

Check the space it can offer. If you have a lot of books or if your child is an avid reader, then you should choose a large bookshelf that can hold the books that you want to put in it. Otherwise, a two to three feet bookshelf will do. You can also consider bookshelves that have several cubbies so you can put in other stuff like toys and art materials.

Choose the design and color that you AND your child like. Now, this is the fun part. Work as a team and pick a beautiful bookshelf. Remember that an item appealing to the eyes of a child can encourage its use. So make sure you consider your child’s viewpoint about it. It’s his or her bookshelf after all.

These are just tips and guidelines. There might be other factors to consider. Just use your instincts. After all, parents want and know what is best for their children.

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Mobile Whiteboard, A Convenient Tool For Children Early Learning

Every parent wants their child or children to enjoy their youth. As the saying goes, “childhood only comes once”.  Every children would want to explore and learn on their own while, of course, having fun. One of their favorite things to do is to draw. Well, scribble would be a better term. See, they are all toddlers and are very energetic and playful. They would always choose our wall over a piece of paper when scribbling. And most of the time, parents would spend half of a day to clean it up which is really tiring. So what is the better way to expand their creativity while not being so messy.

Mobile Whiteboard
Mobile Whiteboard For Children

Mobile whiteboard can be really convenient for mothers, especially those with lower height suited for children. We can save money on paper and cleaning materials, and time on scrubbing their scribbles on the wall. At the same time, they still get to enjoy drawing whatever their imagination can lead them.

Whiteboards can also be a helpful tool in schools and child care centers. One of the benefits of using a mobile whiteboard is that teachers get to teach and deliver lessons anywhere in the room. It also encourages students, especially those who have a disability, to participate on discussions. One can also spare the effects of chalk dust, which can sometimes be a cause of asthma attacks and other respiratory allergies.

We should let our children enhance their creativity and imagination but of course, we should also consider those tools and furniture that can make it convenient for us too.

NoticeBoardsVarious Noticeboards Choices For Children

To see more of these Noticeboards visit:

Psychomotor Training For Children

Being a parent have always been a very concern in making sure of the future of our babies, as early as 6 months of age, children are already taught and trained to develop their skills, Psychomotor skills in particular. Wikipedia explained that psychomotor learning is demonstrated by physical skills such as movements, coordination, manipulation, dexterity, grace, strength, speed and actions which demonstrate the fine motor skills.

Nowadays parents are very much particular in choosing schools or training center for their children, where education and safety are major factors, and in order to meet these needs, I have searched for companies that manufactured products that will best suit the parents and children’s need. These products will satisfy them. Ramps, blocks tunnel-block, matts and many more are just some of the examples.

Psychomotor Play Sets For Children
Psychomotor Play Sets For Children

No more worries whenever our children are playing. They can play as much as they want without looking at them all the time. You can have these in your home or even at training schools where our future leaders attend. These safe products are kids friendly and will surely be loved by our children.

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Top 10 Children Furniture That Kindergartens And Learning Centers Should Have

If I would ask a half wit, what’s the top 10 children furniture for kindergartens and learning centers should have, I’m pretty sure we will answer for the first two, can’t live without chairs and tables, naturally, you can’t keep the children sitting on the mat for 3 hours or more and how can they write and or draw without a table.

Top 10 innovative children’s furniture that modern learning centers should have are the following.

1. Tables and Chairs

Lego Play Table

Lego Play Table
Colourful Tables and Chairs

Custom Tables and Chairs

More interesting tables and chairs here

2. Bookshelves

Library Display Cabinet

Library Display Cabinet

More interesting bookshelves here

3. Manipulative Cabinets

Manipulative Station

Manipulative Stations
Manipulate Cabinets

Manipulative Cabinets

More interesting manipulative cabinets here

4. Storage Solutions

Mobile Tresure Chest

Mobile Treasure Chest
Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

More interesting storage solutions here

5. Shoe Racks

4 x 8 Shoe Rack

4 x 8 Shoe Rack
Shoe Racks

Shoe Racks

More interesting shoe racks here

6. Art Centers

4 Sided Art Center

4 Sided Art Center
Art Centers

Art Centers

More interesting art centers here

7. Play Stations

Kitchen Play Station

Kitchen Play Station
Play Stations

Play Stations

More interesting play stations here

8. Dividers

Colourful Dividers

Colourful Dividers


More interesting dividers here

9. Cubby Holes

Cubby Holes

Cubby Holes
Cubby Holes

Colourful Cubby Holes

More interesting cubby holes here

10. Noticeboards


Colourful Noticeboards

Colourful Noticeboards

More interesting noticeboards here

A classroom wouldn’t survive without this furniture, like the shoe rack, storage solutions, manipulative cabinets, bookshelves; these are all needed to stock and organize. School materials are a lot to keep and these are your partners in stocking.

While the others like the art center and play stations are necessary to develop sportsmanship and critical thinking ability, waiting for turn not, teasing someone when they lose, sharing and other qualities that pertain to emotional maturity. These kinds of furniture are not just ordinary. They are designed to stimulate thinking to achieve creativity.  Thus, the child learns more with less effort from the teacher.

If you are Interested to know more about these innovative furnitures to enhance the learning of our future generation, drop us an enquiry here.

Creative Furniture for Schools, A More Interesting Approach In Modern Education

When I was a child and attending school I couldn’t remember that I really enjoyed my days in pre-school and elementary.  What I do remember are brown long chairs and tables squeezing and sitting with my classmate next to each other. The colors surrounding me are too dark like brown, black and plain white making me sleepy all the time.  The shape of the furniture where I can see the unsafe nail pinned is mostly rectangular, including the blackboard. And don’t forget your old terror teacher on her thick eyebrows.

Nowadays as I take my niece to school, I get surprised how education becomes more interesting and fun. The rectangular table that I usually see has an innovative design that is appropriate for fun and learning. My teacher’s brown table has a brighter color now and with a character on it. My working table that is used to be dull and small has now more room for a child to move when doing activities like coloring, writing or painting and it is so light that  it can be placed easily anywhere . The X-Box console is placed in a designed friendly kiosk. The bookshelf is very inviting, making you want to read and read.

Custom Shape Pinkish Table
Custom Shape Pinkish Table
Fruit Shaped Table
Fruit Shaped Table
Creative Cabinets Storage
Creative Cabinets

X Box Console Kiosk

X Box Console Kiosk

Now, with the help of this modern furniture, the teacher is always excited and smiling giving her best to attend to each student.

To see more of the kiosk designs, tables and cabinets visit Edupod,,

Improving Your Children Psychomotor Skills Through Interactive Tools

One of the most difficult and yet exciting days for us parents is to bring our child to school for the first time. To see them in their uniforms and bags is just overwhelming, despite the fact that it’s often challenging to convince them that school is actually more fun than scary. But how do we encourage these precious little ones that it’s fun and important to go to school?

You may want to try some of the things I learned (through experience) to encourage children to love school and learning. Remind them that:

  • Going to school means learning together with friends
  • Going to school will allow them to play at the playground after class
  • They will be rewarded or treated by going to school

What I believe is, the most important thing that a parent should know is that convincing their children to go to school is not a sole responsibility. When you talk, the children’s understanding on what you say may not be understood well. Remember, they don’t think the way we do. Shouting at them or even pinching them won’t really help but in fact scare them away.

I think, another effective way to help them feel good about going to school is to tour them around school before attending classes. Let them enjoy the facilities; do not let them start with books right away.

We bring our children to school and pay for their tuition to make sure that their future will be bright. If the school ambiance is not appealing and conducive for learning then we will fail no matter how much money and effort we invest.

Good books and good teachers make an important contribution to the child’s learning progress. And so does safe furniture, murals and colorful surroundings play a very important factor in inviting children to attend school. Take a look at these photos.

Psychomotor Platform
Psychomotor platform for children 6 to 18 months.
Sleepy mat for children
Sleepy mat for children 6 to 18 months
Magic Cube | Psychomotor Tool for 18 months to 3 years old
Magic Cube for 18 months to 3 years

Aren’t these appealing and inviting to the eyes of our children? Definitely they are!

If we want to help them enjoy learning, without the need to force them, let’s surround them with fun and safe learning tools like the ones above.

Download psychomotor products here.

To see more of these kids’s furniture, visit @ to your browser.

And don’t forget, these can be placed in our homes as well, to continue the excitement of learning!