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No More Trapped Fingers!

I am one mischievous child when I was younger. I used to experiment with different things and sometimes, got hurt because of it. I remember when I was around six years old, my siblings and I were playing hide and seek and I decided to go behind the open door so I could peek in if the one who was “it” was coming. My fingers were on the gap on the hinge side of the door. I got surprised seeing that my sister was already behind me that I pushed the door away. As a result, my three fingers were trapped in the door which was really painful.

Any mother, including myself, would not let her child or children experience the same kind of pain. Placing Finger Alert Guard on doors is one of the simplest yet effective solution to avoid such kinds of situation. By covering the space created by the hinge side of the door when in an open position, this device can help prevent finger trapping accidents. Therefore, it prevents smashed fingers too.


Finger Latches Door Protection

Finger Guard

Finger Guard

I am a mother of three girls who are all toddlers and I was glad that finger guards are now out in the market. We have three rooms so you can imagine how many doors we have on our house. I’m sure you all know how adventurous, energetic and playful youngsters can be. They tend to try things that can sometimes hurt them. But these tools can easily tell my kids that they simply could not put their fingers through it.

Of course, every parent would want their children to enjoy childhood. But we should always keep in mind that their safety should always come first.

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Protecting Kids from Harmful Bacteria

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Bacteria exists everywhere: in the air we breathe, in our bed, on our food, and even in us. It existed even before man came to be. Not all bacteria are harmful to us because some can be beneficial but some can be very harmful and worse,fatal. Kids and adults alike are vulnerable of capturing bacteria but we can thank that our bodies are superior enough to have an immune system to minimize and even eliminate most bacteria to prevent us from being sick. However, for young kids especially the toddler years, their immune system are not  yet developed enough to eliminate most of the harmful bacteria, that is why they are the most vulnerable and we need to do all we can to protect them.

First, let us consider that the toddler year is the most critical stage of  a kid’s life because they are still very curious about their new world so they are always keen of crawling around, touching everything new they see and putting in their mouth anything that they think that is food.  Parents can’t always have their sights on their kids every second especially when they are in the daycare/childcare center. Most of these daycare/childcare centers have been marketed as childproof and child-safe from the flooring, furniture to the play equipment. However, that does not mean that it is all bacteria-free.

Luckily, Graboplast has came up with a way to answer one of these problems. With their new product of vinyl flooring called Silver Knight, parents/teachers will not have to worry of bacteria sticking to the kids as it eliminates >99% bacteria . I has been scientifically proven that it destroys bacteria without the use of chemicals. It is also low maintenance and very easy to clean as compared to other regular vinyl flooring.

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flooring 1 flooring 2

To learn more about Silver Knight, feel free to call us at (65) 6358 3672 or drop us an email to enquiry@edupod.com.sg or visit our contact page.