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Choosing Bookshelves for Kid’s Room


We often hear or read the benefits of reading especially to children.  It can improve and develop the child’s vocabulary, imagination, logic and other traits that can lead to academic excellence.

Every mother would also want kids to be bright and smart so whenever I go to a bookstore, I always make sure to buy a good book for my girls. Suddenly, I realized that I bought a lot of books that I did not know where to place them anymore. That’s when I decided that I need to buy a bookshelf for my kid’s bedroom. Here are some aspects that I considered before I chose and bought the perfect bookshelf for my kids.


Safety first! You MUST make sure that it’s steady enough to not fall over on your child. You also have to take note of the sharp edges or you may buy edge and corner guards to make sure it won’t hurt your little one. For smaller children, a vertical bookshelf would be a better choice so they can reach and browse ever shelf without climbing on it.

Check the space it can offer. If you have a lot of books or if your child is an avid reader, then you should choose a large bookshelf that can hold the books that you want to put in it. Otherwise, a two to three feet bookshelf will do. You can also consider bookshelves that have several cubbies so you can put in other stuff like toys and art materials.

Choose the design and color that you AND your child like. Now, this is the fun part. Work as a team and pick a beautiful bookshelf. Remember that an item appealing to the eyes of a child can encourage its use. So make sure you consider your child’s viewpoint about it. It’s his or her bookshelf after all.

These are just tips and guidelines. There might be other factors to consider. Just use your instincts. After all, parents want and know what is best for their children.

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Creative Furniture for Schools, A More Interesting Approach In Modern Education

When I was a child and attending school I couldn’t remember that I really enjoyed my days in pre-school and elementary.  What I do remember are brown long chairs and tables squeezing and sitting with my classmate next to each other. The colors surrounding me are too dark like brown, black and plain white making me sleepy all the time.  The shape of the furniture where I can see the unsafe nail pinned is mostly rectangular, including the blackboard. And don’t forget your old terror teacher on her thick eyebrows.

Nowadays as I take my niece to school, I get surprised how education becomes more interesting and fun. The rectangular table that I usually see has an innovative design that is appropriate for fun and learning. My teacher’s brown table has a brighter color now and with a character on it. My working table that is used to be dull and small has now more room for a child to move when doing activities like coloring, writing or painting and it is so light that  it can be placed easily anywhere . The X-Box console is placed in a designed friendly kiosk. The bookshelf is very inviting, making you want to read and read.

Custom Shape Pinkish Table
Custom Shape Pinkish Table
Fruit Shaped Table
Fruit Shaped Table
Creative Cabinets Storage
Creative Cabinets

X Box Console Kiosk

X Box Console Kiosk

Now, with the help of this modern furniture, the teacher is always excited and smiling giving her best to attend to each student.

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