• Edupod Fun Hydroponics System for Kids & Adults

Edupod Fun Hydroponics System for Kids & Adults

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Make urban farming easy with our fun hydroponics 4 tier system! Comes with all that you need, including 4 packets of seeds of your choice. Complimentary delivery and set-up. 

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System Includes: 

8 Energy Saving LED Grow Lights

4 Tier Planter

48 Net Pots

4 Packets Leca Balls

1 Water Pump

100ml of ABC Nutrient Solution Set

1 Measuring Cup

4 Packets of Seeds

Step by Step Assembling Instruction Manual

EC Pen (Nutrient Tester Pen)

Packet Seeds Available (to choose 4): 

Sweet Corn

Thai Basil

Shiso Red


Sweet Pepper

Nai Bai

Cinnamon Basil

Lady Finger


Hybrid Radish


Lemon Balm


Kang Kong

Pak Choi

French Bean


Red Round Radish

Angled Gourd

You Mai Cai

Sweet Pepper Sweetie Star

Green Pak Choi

Mustard Green


Black Leaf Pak Choy

Shiso Green

Red Rubin Basil

Primed Rosemary

Greek Oregano

Common Mint

Balsam Pear Rococo

Cardinal Star

Rocket Salad Lettuce

Hong Kong Choy Sam

Lemon Basil

Green White Stem Choy Sum

Basil Genovese

Watermelon Sweet Beauty

Japanese Cucumber Sinews

Bitter Gourd

Big Leaf Tang-Oh

Tatsoi Greens


Mizuna (Japanese Mustard Green)

Hybrid Tomato Season Red 

Melon (Hybrid) Pretty Lady

Hot Pepper Chivalry

Jericho Organic Lettuce

Hot Pepper Jumbo 

Watermelon Dark Belle


Mini Tomato

Sweet Corn White Pearl

Cucumber Merry Swallow

Balsam Pear High Moon

Hot Pepper Passion

Roma Tomato


Hong Kong Kailan

Chinese Kale

Tientsin Coriander

Green Celery

Hong Mei Choon Choi

Baby Pak Choy

White Crown Pak Choy

White Bayam

Sharp Leaf Bayam

Black Long Bean

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