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A home playground can be a valuable investment as its benefits go beyond the happiness of parents watching their children having fun on swings and slides. On top of entertaining children, a home playground is also a key element that helps develop their mind and body. In this article, we will look into the five benefits of having a home playground for your children.

1. Safety

Parents bringing their children to community playgrounds is commonplace in Singapore. While it is great for children to spend time outdoors and have quality play, they are easily exposed to a number of safety hazards that may endanger their well-being. By having a home playground, you can look after your little ones more closely, reducing these following risks:

  • Injuries

    New to the concept of sharing, young children often struggle with their peers to play with the equipment at community playgrounds. This may result in more injuries. In addition, children may not be aware of certain safety hazards including protruding bolt ends, trapping spaces and more, which may increase their likelihood of falling or sustaining bruises.

  • Bacterial infections

    No doubt, allowing children to use playground equipment outdoors can help bolster their mental and physical health. Unfortunately, compromised hygiene standards at some community playgrounds may expose your children to health risks. Bacteria are usually found in soil, which most children enjoy playing with at outdoor playgrounds. This may cause your children to get bacterial infections, via hand to mouth and pica behaviours. An alternative for rainy days. doubles up as show and tell for preschoolers that boost their confidence to speak up in a group.

2. Physical fitness

In today’s digital age, children are often engrossed with digital devices. It is important to provide an opportunity for them to move around and exert their energy. With a home playground, your children can have fun on swings, slides and other playground equipment, all from the comforts of home. It also encourages an active lifestyle and a healthy habit of exercising, which positively impacts their growth. Here is how a home playground helps to improve your kids’ physical fitness:

  • Promotes cardiovascular health and respiratory function

  • Builds stronger muscles

  • Reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes

  • Improves flexibility and balance

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination

3. Keeps your children occupied

We understand the struggles parents face, balancing work and family. Things get even trickier when you have to keep your children entertained to fully focus on your work. Investing in a home playground will save you the hassle, keeping your kids occupied. Now, the next concern parents may have revolves around social interaction with other children. Though this aspect is indeed essential, it is also important to learn to entertain oneself. A home playground also creates opportunities for your children to display independence that will continually be nurtured throughout their growth phase.

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4. Emotional Development

A home playground helps your children develop emotionally. Compared to adults, kids typically have a relatively smaller emotional capacity. They may easily get upset over minor inconveniences as they navigate through their emotional capabilities and development. Home playgrounds are an ideal platform for kids to release their frustrations, relax, have fun and learn how to deal with negative emotions. For instance, your kids may find it challenging to play with certain equipment that requires coordination, balance, and muscle strength, such as monkey bars. This helps them to develop patience, tolerance and perseverance as they slowly understand that time and effort are required to achieve their goals. Ultimately, they experience a wide range of emotions and know how to deal with them efficiently.

In a nutshell, owning a home playground is beneficial in many ways. It creates a personalised playing zone for your children and enables them to spend leisure time with themselves. You can consult a playground builder to create a personalised home playground that satisfies the needs of your kids.

At Edupod, we empower our future generation with learning tools that are safe and insightful. Contact us now to purchase quality equipment and other products for your little ones!