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Edupod launches Merli-Themed Range of Children's Furniture in celebration of the Merlion's 50th Anniversary!

EDUPOD is proud to launch our first-ever Merli-theme range of children’s furniture and learning resources.   “It is our conviction that our kids should play and learn in a safe, engaging, and fun environment. Our children’s furniture and learning resources aim to delight and support early childhood development and are handmade and assembled locally by our team of dedicated carpenters and craftsmen using eco-green materials that educate children about the circular economy”, says Zak Lo, Founder and Director of Edupod.    In addition to being named a Made with Passion brand, we are excited to have the opportunity to retail our very own interactive wall play, and wooden furniture that is custom made by our dedicated team. We encourage families to be part of the celebration and fans of Merli will get to see Edupod’s products retailed at Design Orchard starting 1 Sep 2022. For this series, Edupod has specially designed Merli Toddler Chair, Merli Mirror and Storage Box and Merli Velcro Food Tray.     Merli, short for Merlion, is a heart-warming and whimsical illustration of Singapore’s mythical national icon. He is energetic, outgoing and loves sharing his passion for Singapore with friends and visitors around the world. Come join Merli on his adventures exploring this island of many possibilities, as he celebrates the 50th year anniversary of the Merlions statue in 2022!     Merli Food Tray Handcrafted with passion, the Merli Food Tray connects young children and families to Singapore’s hawker culture. Sizzle! Pop! Crackle! Engage your Mini Chef in the activity of cutting fruits and vegetables helps to promote the development of your child’s fine motor skills. Let’s celebrate and explore with Merli!    Merli Mirror and Storage Box Handcrafted with passion, the Merli Mirror and Storage Box provides endless wonders for you! Aye, aye, Captain! Encourage your Mini Pirate to investigate and keep hidden treasures to develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem through independent play. Let’s celebrate and explore with Merli!   Merli Toddler Chair Munch! Crunch! Nothing beat having a satisfied tummy. Encouraging healthy eating habits while staying seated promotes the development of your child’s independence during mealtimes. Let’s celebrate and explore with Merli!       ###    ABOUT EDUPOD PTE LTD  Edupod is a market leader in the design, supply and distribution of children's furniture, playgrounds, protection guards and safety locks for early childhood and primary education institutions in Singapore and the Southeast Asia Region. We understand the need for fun and learning in a safe environment for our children, and our products combine functionality with durability and adopt a sustainable design; using eco-green materials that not only allow for interactive play and enhance the user’s experience.    For more information, please visit 


Singapore, May 27, 2022 – PLAYSCAPE @ EDUPOD is pleased to host Guest of Honour – Mr. Alan Yeo, Director, Retail & Design, Enterprise Singapore, and MP. Mr. Edward Chia, Holland-Bukit Timah GRC to officiate the opening of the showroom and the launch of inclusive children's furniture in collaboration with Growing Kids Academy on the 27th of May 2022, Friday at 3PM.    The introduction of PLAYSCAPE is a conclave of our brand partners; coming together with a shared purpose – to introduce a sustainable and conducive learning environment for our children. PLAYSCAPE will host workshops and be a sustainability training and makerspace facility for teachers alongside Robotics Learning and Training.  Guests will be brought on a tour of the showroom, followed by product showcases by our various brand partners such as Admira, ANewTech Systems, Arte Viva, BOSEN, Caty Singapore, D&D Technologies, Dana Play, doob®, Fraction Design Studio, HAPE Toys, infento, Jungle Gym, KBT, NS Trading, PPSS Pro, Preschool Market Consultancy, SNS Laminates, SUMO, Superstructure, UBTECH Robotics, Unitrio Trading, West Shore Montessori to name a few. PLAYSCAPE will double up as a space to provide sustainability training and makerspace facilities for teachers in collaboration with Preschool Market Consultancy and various MNCs. Preschool Market Consultancy and Kindred Studio SG support PLAYSCAPE with workshops for Educators and Families to create and promote sustainability in the community through best practices and green initiatives. These workshops will be conducted at PLAYSCAPE led by trainers from Preschool Market. In addition, PLAYSCAPE will serve as an additional resource centre for Teachers to pick up free recyclable materials donated by various MNCs to serve as additional teaching resources, and craft materials. AR and Robotics Learning capabilities will be shared during the official launch. STEM education has been a focal part of Singapore’s curriculum. As technology advances, robots are commonly being used in classrooms as teaching assistants in understanding mathematics and coding.     The UBTECH-Edupod partnership brings together technology and educational expertise closer to educators and parents, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Through PLAYSCAPE, we want to give educators and families the access to interactive learning resources. The use of robotics, which includes the basic understanding of coding, acts as a foundation for problem-based learning and critical-thinking skills, giving a headstart in STEM education. UBTECH Robotics and Youth Champions Academy supports PLAYSCAPE through a series of workshops that covers learning outcomes the importance of Digital Literacy under Industrial Revolution 4.0, experience fun and engaging S.T.E.A.M Education Methodology with AI Robotic and Coding, and acquire a basic understanding of robotic construction. “Edupod pledges to introduce children to the circular economy, and with PLAYSCAPE, we achieve the optimum closeness to our educators and parents, showcasing our furniture and innovations,” says Zak Lo, CEO of First Sight Group. “We will also showcase Edupod’s Made with Passion learning resources and Singapore-made playgrounds and furniture,” concludes Zak Lo.    Highlights into PLAYSCAPE What can you expect at PLAYSCAPE? An immersive retail experience for all. A child’s journey of exploration of the world begins with play – through pretend play, creative science kits, and playgrounds. We invite you to explore, imagine, and experience PLAYSCAPE.   —   ABOUT EDUPOD PTE LTD Edupod is a market leader in the design, supply, and distribution of children's furniture, playgrounds, protection guards, and locks for early childhood and primary education institutions in Singapore and the Southeast Asia Region. We understand the need for fun and learning in a safe environment for our children, and our products combine functionality with durability and adopt a sustainable design; using eco-green materials that not only allow for interactive play and enhance the user’s experience. For more information, please visit .   MEDIA ENQUIRIES Name: Imelda Ho Contact: +65 6950 5745 / +65 8801 2945 Email:  

Edupod launches a new product line of educational games suitable for kids, and even special needs

  Edupod releases educational game sets in Singapore to revolutionize a change in learning curriculum for kids, special needs, or children with learning disorders and the disabled. SINGAPORE – Although Singapore consistently come out top in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trend in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) rankings for decades , there is still a longing need for school-education approach to be more inclusive, especially towards special needs. Edupod – a local based company will launch new products aiming to solve this with more than just teaching general subjects – expose children to values education, manual dexterity, association etc. to trigger children beyond the typical learning curve provided in school teachings. It's a fun and revolutionary way to spark children’s intelligence to go beyond the norm despite the difference in abilities. The Ministry of Education has made efforts to move up in the learning curve, but it perhaps lags in efficacy of learning for the incipient age thus, there is a need to center towards on nurturing ingeniousness, innovation and entrepreneurship.   Every child should be given opportunities to develop his or her capabilities in an environment that accentuates, but furthermore promote inclusive inculcation of students of all faculties, with special needs and gregarious economic status.   With compulsory inculcation for children with special needs starting from 2019, children with moderate to astringent special needs will require to attend publicly funded schools.  Singapore has come a long way towards building an inclusive society for people with special needs. Designing adaptations or modifications to the curriculum for inclusive edification is a challenge for educators. The first leap is to engender inclusive classrooms with the following adaptable features, denoting they have to be flexible and adjustable to the different characteristics of the students. The next step is to set the curriculum to have activities that are age-congruous and sanction the utilization of multi-level edifying to take into consideration the diversity within the classroom. Every child possesses different learning styles and abilities; therefore, it is important to support their individual needs. The collection of educational games Edupod carries has its benefits. Specifications The range of educational products are available in 7 categories: association, emotions, language, manual dexterity, reasoning and mathematics, the senses and values education. Quality/ Standards of Educational Games: Lightweight Easy-to-carry Portable Suitable for Children (aged 2-12 years) Special Needs Seniors Games inspired by the Montessori Methodology Logo-Bits Method (designed for speech therapy) Pricing and Availability The educational package sets’ pricings are listed on Edupod’s website under Educational Games category. Preorder options are made available for the educational products. Editor’s Note: Beneficial Outcomes of the Educational Game Sets 1. Instill values for children to adapt positive attitudes. The products under Values Education category teaches values, such as friendship, tolerance, respect, understanding and patience, which are sown in childhood and develop in the person as they grow. 2. Train children’s sensory organs and proprioception. The products under The Senses category helps to train children’s sensory organs pick up stimuli of all kinds in the environment. This is a fundamental part of proprioception which can help them to improve in more complex actions, which in turn will affect their reading and writing skills. 3. Increase children/s autonomy and self-confidence. The products under Manual Dexterity category will guide children in their development of manual skills and allows the child to fully develop motor skills, play and socialize with other children normally. 4. Improve in perceiving their own emotions. The products under Emotions category will expose children with the recognition of facial expressions of those around them. Knowing the basic emotions and expressing them is a very important skill set and useful learning. 5. Specialized games aimed for special needs, children with disorders and the disabled: attention deficit, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities such as dyslexia and many more. •    Intellectual Disability and Down’s Syndrome. The development of a child with an astute incapacitation tends to learn at a slower pace compared to other children. The educational games that Edupod offers are more fixated on stimulating your senses, developing autonomy, amending the expression of oral language and withal work on motor skills and embolden their socialization with the environment. •    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dis. (ADHD). Children with ADHD or ADD have troubles in maintaining attention and following routines or guidelines. The educational games offered have a different approach to educating these children that is a fun way yet arouse children’s curiosity, avail them to fine-tune the concentration, organize and memorize playing. •    Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) finds it difficult to socialize and think abstractly. The educational games provided are made for social skill development, embolden communication, stimulate their motor skills and enhance their creativity. •    Learning Disorders (LD). Children with concrete learning disorders finds it hard to acquire knowledge which eventually affects their competency to receive, analyze or store information. The educational games are designed to improve reading, pronouncing capabilities or solving mathematical quandaries.   The educational products can be seen on Edupod’s website under Educational Games category.  

Edupod works together with Formica Group to make learning healthier and safer for kids with their services.

High pressure laminates (HPL) or what we usually call decorative laminates are thin, resilient products primarily used in interior renovation works as furniture surface materials, feature walls or wall paneling etc. These are the materials responsible for the various beautiful colours and designs seen in modern day carpentry works.    While health hazards continue to threaten public health, an increased awareness of the problems associated with microbes has led Formica Group to introduce this high performance and more hygienic product to its range.   This new product has been tested against a number of leading standards including ISO22196:2011, JIS Z2801, ASTM G21 and it is capable of reducing microbe count on a surface by up to 99.5%.   Working closely with the world's leading antimicrobial Technology Company, Biocote, Formica Group has harnessed the power of silver and introduced it into the manufacturing process, providing the surface with enhanced protection. Effective against a broad spectrum of microbes, Protec+ by Formica Group reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing a more hygienic surface and protecting consumers against their potentially negative effects. When properly maintained, the protection will last for the expected life of the treated product and will help to reduce cross-contamination.   Protec+ by Formica Group is ideally suited for a variety of applications including furniture, transportation, education, residential blocks, construction and healthcare. The product provides greater protection for public places as well as residential spaces and constructs a cleaner environment for consumers.   Formica Group has promoted over 400 varieties of decors which are capable of antimicrobial customization to satisfy unique decoration requirements from designers and architects.   Notes: Tougher and much healthier than untreated surfaces Easy to maintain and clean A cleaner and safer environment built to last A reduction of up to 99.9% microbes achieved in 2 hours

6 ways to promote classroom safety

6 ways to promote classroom safety 1. Child Safety means keep dangerous supplies out of reach Scissors, bulletin board tacks, glue – all things that shouldn't be easily accessible for preschool-aged kids. Make sure to keep any sharp objects, choking hazards, poisonous materials and other potentially hazardous supplies on a high shelf or lock away in a cupboard. The last thing you want is a student standing on their tippy-shoes to reach a bin of sharp items on a just-out-of-reach ledge. When supplies like these are out and available during craft time, it's important to talk with your students about how to properly use these tools.   2. Design the room properly  Classroom arrangement plays a large part in the classroom safety, Are classrooms open and uncluttered, with nothing to inhibit safe traffic flow?  Large pieces of furniture and sharp corners increase the chances of bumps and bruises. The classroom should be set up in a way where children can move about easily without obstacles.   3. Keep the classroom clean:  If you put a bunch of children in a classroom together there are bound to be germs and common childhood illness shared but with proper standards of cleanliness followed, these too can be kept to a minimum. Children touched everything. Toys, classroom furniture, and any other classroom facilities should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. This can significantly reduce the spread of germs. Children can play an active part in classroom cleanliness by washing their hands frequently. They can also alert the teacher or aides to any spills that may happen, so they may be cleaned up promptly. This can help avoid slips and falls.   4. Practice emergency plans  Emergency plans don't do much good if your preschoolers don't know the drill. Walk kids through the experience before your school's first fire drill to prevent any crying or frightened sobs. Roleplay the whole event, from alarm to the moment when it's safe to come back inside. Then what that first fire drill rings, your students won't be alarmed.     5. Classroom Supervision  Children are easily distracted and something outside the classroom may attract their attention. Rules about not leaving the classroom without permission should be in place and strictly enforced. Children should only leave the classroom in the company of the teacher, a staff member, or a parent.   6. Keep communication flowing  Keep an open line of communication between yourself and your students' parents, as well as between yourself and your students. Your classroom is a community. Open communication will help you all work together to keep students safe. Additionally an open line of communication between yourself and your students. Your classroom policies and other emergency information.   Products that are similar:  Corner Guard Table Corner Guard Standard Corner Guard Deluxe Finger Alert 170-180° Finger Alert 110° Finger Alert Extreme  

Top 5 Injury Risks for Children and How to Prevent them

Top 5 Injury Risks for Children and How to Prevent them With children spending two to six hours a day in kindergartens, the main concern for parents is of course if they have chosen the safest environment possible for their kids. In 1960, child experts stated that ‘’it is now generally recognized that accidents constitute a major problem in public health’’. This marked the beginning of the rising awareness for child safety. This view has been confirmed by the World Health Organization’s regional office for Europe who cited injury had become the leading cause of death in developed, high-income countries. In developing countries, the acknowledgment of child injury as a major problem is more recent. However, reducing child injuries is possible: Experience and research have shown that most child injuries are avoidable in all countries. Drowning Drowning is one of the leading causes of fatality among children under the age of five. Toddlers are facing the highest risk as they have already gained more mobility than babies but are still in development. An average of two children drown each day in the United States – research from Virginia showed, over the last decade 34% of drownings occurred in home pools and 29% in bathtubs. Even if children are already able to swim, they are often not strong or aware enough to steer away from dangers in the water. Never let your child out of sight in the bathtub and around swimming pools Teach your children how to swim or stay afloat Use floating devices like water wings or life jackets Burning Children are especially at risk of getting burns since their skin is more sensitive and they do not yet have a clear idea of what is dangerous for them, therefore, they need extra protection. Always apply sunscreen with a high protection factor, preferably at least 20 minutes before getting outside, reapply every hour Protect electrical outlets and plugs against children’s fingers Keep matches, lighters, chemicals, flammable liquids and candles out of kids reach   Poisoning Over 2 million poisoning incidents were reported to poison control centers in the USA in 2014. Young children have a tendency to put everything in their mouth which is part of their natural development. In Victoria, Texas at least eight children a day receive medical attention after swallowing poison – the most common causes are medicines and household products. Keep all medicines and household products out of reach of the child immediately after purchase and use Keeps medicines and household products in their original containers and do not transfer them in other containers such as unmarked plastic bottles Teach your kids to be aware of the dangers of medicine and households product and not to put these items into their mouths.   Falling Falls are the most common cause of injuries for all ages reported in hospitals. When a child starts to learn how to walk they naturally increase the risk of falling dramatically. Usually, this results in nothing more serious than a bruise or scratch, however, a hard fall can lead to fractures, cuts, or head injuries. Teach your child to not run on slippery floors (lead by example) Use anti-slip stickers to prevent falls and to teach children how to walk in a safe way, e.g. along the banisters Do not use baby walkers since they give the toddler unexpected mobility Edupod Corner Guard range to prevent children from hurting themselves bumping into edges: Corner Guard Standard Corner Guard Deluxe Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil Corner Guard Table  Made from safe, bite resistant, soft plastic to shield off corner Finger entrapment About 30,000 people each year rush to the emergency room in the US due to fingers being pinched in between the door and the door frame, with children being the more at risk. In the age group of the under four-year-olds, 3 out of 4 amputations resulted from fingers that were trapped in a door. Teach children to not keep fingers on the door frame Make sure to close the doors to prevent it from slamming shut unexpectedly Install door finger protection Products similar to it: Finger Alert 110° Finger Alert 170-180° Finger Alert Extreme  

Finger guard for doors

Create a safe environment for children Safety is of vital importance for children. As parents and caregivers, we do everything in our power to protect the little ones from any danger. At home and outdoors we pay close attention to the safety of the environment before we can let our children play with peace of mind. Since nobody wants his or her child to be hurt, child safety should not be ignored. The layout of the environment plays an essential role in the prevention of accidents. By observing all the dangers and applying for child-proof protection,  Finger guard for Doors At first glance, doors seem quite innocent and safe, but it is still too often the case that a child is hurt by a door. Imagine that heavy door slams shut and a child gets his hand or finger smashed between the door. This easily results in bruised, broken, or even crushed fingers or hands. An unforgettable trauma requiring immediate treatment and most likely a hospital visit. most accidents can be prevented. Door hinge guard To protect children as well as possible from suffering caused by doors, you can take various measures. The finger protection can be placed on two sides of the door. The hinge side is the side that you first think of if you want to place finger protection. The door hinge guard on this side of the door is a long door strip, which completely covers the hinge opening. The finger guard for doors is available in different sizes and easy to install. Which finger protection is most suitable depends, among other things, on the type of door and its opening degree Edupod offers three-finger guards for the hinge side: Finger Alert 110° Finger Alert 170-180° Professional Finger alert Extreme   Finger protection for the door handle side The other side of the door where you can install finger protection is the door handle side. Slamming or closing doors can cause nasty injuries and suffering if this results in finger entrapment. Finger protection for this side of the door is smaller than the finger protection on the hinge side. A door stopper on the floor or door blocker offers the solution. You minimize the risk of slamming doors. Arte Viva offers three solutions for the handle side: Finger Alert Door Stopper Finger Alert Door Blocker Finger Alert Door Slam Stopper (NEW! ) 


ISDN Holdings works with First Sight International Pte Ltd (FIRST SIGHT) to stem Covid-19 spread in Singapore’s education sector. ISDN is moving to do its part by working with FIRST SIGHT to bring highly effective disinfectant solutions to Educational Institutions across Singapore FIRST SIGHT will be distributing German product WATERLIQ from ISDN that has immediate disinfecting capabilities and can be used with humidifiers and misting systems among others ISDN’s longer-lasting disinfecting solutions can used at all high touch points in schools to complement its other preventative measures Developed by ERST Project GmbH, WATERLIQ is a water-based disinfectant that has proven to be effective against viruses similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus on hard, porous, and non-porous surfaces, according to microbiological laboratory test reports. Fine droplets of WATERLIQ can instantly kill 99.9% of pathogens and be used at entrances and exits of schools and educational premises to disinfect and prevent further spread of the virus. To complement other existing precautionary measures, FIRST SIGHT is also proactively utilising ISDN’s long-lasting disinfecting solutions to all high touch points within the school premises maintained under facilities maintenance division, EDUFIX Pte Ltd. The teams are working to apply the longer-term clear surface coating of ERSTOTIZER & Nomobac on the hard and absorbent surfaces within the compound. The ERSTOTIZER & Nomobac after applied on surfaces will last between 6 to 24 months where various types of viruses, bacteria and microbes will have no chance to survive. Founded on its precision and motion control engineering capabilities in 1986 and listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited since 2005, ISDN Holdings Limited has today transformed into a multi- industry corporation with more than 60 offices spanning key Asian growth markets. ISDN is also listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 12 January 2017. ISDN is dominant in the niche areas of motion control, other engineering solutions and industrial computing. ISDN’s customised engineering solutions cater to different industrial sectors including medical, robotics, factory automation, energy, manufacturing, hard disk and semiconductor industries. By leveraging its alliances with strategic partners in Europe and Asia, ISDN is able to combine and thereupon benefit from the best-in-class technology and business systems these collaborations have to offer.

Creative Classroom Layouts

The way children grow and learn is heavily dependent on the environment. At Edupod, we believe in creating the best kind of spaces that can bring out and nurture the star potential within every young mind.  Arts & Crafts Art and crafts are an essential lesson where children can learn to bring out the Picasso within them. Here, we have designed the perfect room to suit the feasibility of both teachers and students. Our talented product designers have come up with the idea of two in one cubby shelf, with the top area designed to display proud art pieces from the little ones or even books. The round cylinder pedestal display also enables art pieces to be in the centre of attention in the room.  It is no easy feat to be an art teacher, going around the room helping many little hands. Therefore, we have come up with a movable art cart that can be used to easily store items and shift around. The configuration of the cart allows a variety of items of all shapes and sizes.  Not forgetting the little stars of the show, our custom-made tables and chairs with round edges allow a safe and comfortable experience for the children. Optional build in holders can also be added on top to allow easy and mess-free sharing of classroom materials such as crayons.  We understand that every schools’ needs are different. As such, our furniture made inhouse by experienced carpenters are all fully customisable, right from the size to the colour. Our talented team of project managers and designers will also be ready to advise and recommend accordingly to your needs.  Draw & Play A dedicated area and play lesson can bring out both motor skills and cognitive growth in children. Our Edupod shelves allow for easy storage and reach of toys and a soft play mat cushioning allows comfortable play on the ground.  Learning while play can also be easily facilitated with a cleverly placed magnetic whiteboard. We have also installed a pull-down drawing paper roll that also allows children to doodle to their hearts content while making clean-up easy for teachers.  Lastly, we understand the nightmare that comes when you face storage problems, our custom build cabinets allow for easy storage to make spaces neater and more accessible to all parties.    Pretend Play Corner A perfectly design and constructed counter allows children to let their imagination take flight while playing pretend play. Pretend play is a great fun way to encourage essential thinking skills and allows both social and emotional development for young children.