5 Tips For Creating A Shared Bedroom For Kids

A shared room for kids might be a need for growing families in Singapore and while it may be a little tricky to divide a shared space for children without remodelling your house, it is not totally impossible. To ensure a perfect balance between presenting a space-saving shared bedroom and accommodating to your kids’ privacy, here are some tips to help you put together the ideal pieces for your shared room idea.


1. Use bunk beds


There are different types of space-saving children's furniture made available in Singapore and bunk beds are one of them. As bunk bed designs continue to evolve, modern bunk beds have now become a practical piece of furniture. Apart from providing a sleeping space, some of these beds even come with storage space to keep your bedroom neat and tidy. Here are some common types of bunk beds available. 


  • Standard bunks

  • Bunk beds with storage

  • Loft beds

  • Bunk beds with slide


2. Provide a personal space to each child 


When creating a shared bedroom for children, dividing the space equally is key. Like adults, children also need their privacy. Equal treatment will ease resentments before your kids start sharing a room. Personal space can be created for each child by leveraging the space below a loft bed. You can place a reading nook, desk, or any other kids furniture that suits your child’s needs underneath the bed. In addition, one of the best ways of distinctively dividing the space, especially for boy/girl siblings, is to incorporate a room-length piece of fabric or sewed curtains between them. Designating special areas for each child to keep their belongings should not be overlooked as well.


Children furniture in Singapore provide a personal space to each child

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3. Engage your kids in the design process


Your children may start to develop their own interests when they reach a certain age. Involving your children in the designing process allows them to express their opinions without compromising privacy. You may encourage them to embark on a DIY project to turn their shared bedroom into a whimsical wonderland. Make use of fabric, sheets of plywood, chalk paint and other materials that showcases your children’s creativity. On top of that, having your children design a shared bedroom with their siblings also enables them to understand the importance of maintaining a living space to an ideal standard. They will know how to keep the space clean when they are empowered to do so. 


4. Leverage the corners


Do not overlook corners in your bedroom as they can be the perfect spots for private spaces particularly when you are creating a shared bedroom for your kids. Should your kids prefer lounging in the centre of their room or on their beds compared to cosy corners, you can maximise space by placing children’s furniture such as shelves and desks in those corners instead. 


5. Organise the dresser


Spaciousness is the main concern when it comes to creating a shared bedroom for your kids. To reserve space effectively, creating a closet organiser with hanging racks and shelves is ideal. In this way, separation of clothes and cleaning is also made easy thanks to proper organisation.


Creating a shared bedroom for kids sounds like a tedious chore but with the tips above, coming out with amazing ideas becomes possible. We hope this will be helpful for you to create personal space for your kids, even in a shared room.


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