The way children grow and learn is heavily dependent on the environment. At Edupod, we believe in creating the best kind of spaces that can bring out and nurture the star potential within every young mind. 

Arts & Crafts

Art and crafts are an essential lesson where children can learn to bring out the Picasso within them. Here, we have designed the perfect room to suit the feasibility of both teachers and students. Our talented product designers have come up with the idea of two in one cubby shelf, with the top area designed to display proud art pieces from the little ones or even books. The round cylinder pedestal display also enables art pieces to be in the centre of attention in the room. 

It is no easy feat to be an art teacher, going around the room helping many little hands. Therefore, we have come up with a movable art cart that can be used to easily store items and shift around. The configuration of the cart allows a variety of items of all shapes and sizes. 

Not forgetting the little stars of the show, our custom-made tables and chairs with round edges allow a safe and comfortable experience for the children. Optional build in holders can also be added on top to allow easy and mess-free sharing of classroom materials such as crayons. 

We understand that every schools’ needs are different. As such, our furniture made inhouse by experienced carpenters are all fully customisable, right from the size to the colour. Our talented team of project managers and designers will also be ready to advise and recommend accordingly to your needs. 

A dedicated area and play lesson can bring out both motor skills and cognitive growth in children. Our Edupod shelves allow for easy storage and reach of toys and a soft play mat cushioning allows comfortable play on the ground. 
Learning while play can also be easily facilitated with a cleverly placed magnetic whiteboard. We have also installed a pull-down drawing paper roll that also allows children to doodle to their hearts content while making clean-up easy for teachers. 
Lastly, we understand the nightmare that comes when you face storage problems, our custom build cabinets allow for easy storage to make spaces neater and more accessible to all parties. 
A perfectly design and constructed counter allows children to let their imagination take flight while playing pretend play. Pretend play is a great fun way to encourage essential thinking skills and allows both social and emotional development for young children.