The way children grow and learn is heavily dependent on the environment. At Edupod, we believe in creating the best kind of spaces that can bring out and nurture the star potential within every young mind. 

Activity Room

Here, we have specially designed and curated an ideal classroom that is suitable for carrying out various classroom activities. 

We understand storage concerns that comes with educating young learners as a variety of materials are usually necessary for their learning. Hence, an efficiently spaced and configured set of cabinets can help with many storage worries. Optional locks can also be added to secure important things inside such as sensitive documents or personal belongings. 

Make cleaning and classroom organisation easy with movable tables that comes with a storage component. This conveniently allows students to reconfigure table settings or allow classroom space for activities. 


An innovative feature that comes in this setup is the mobile art display unit that can be used to display pieces made by the little ones. This is a great way to add a pop of creativity in the classroom and encourage students’ creativity. Different kinds of bookshelves can also be added to facilitate storage and easy access of craft materials or even to display masterpieces. 

Alternatively, we are also able to fabricate special made trapezium tables with a closed-door storage system. These tables are a great and fun way to make classroom layout creative and easily changeable to suit different setups.