When we were growing up as a child, we would often come to play with the neighbors and we would usually be confined in a room they called nursery. Although I do not remember seeing any babies then, guess they have all grown up, I do remember seeing colorful designs on the wall that really caught my attention. Letters of the alphabet, flowers animals, shapes and numbers, photos of the family decorated in each room. We would usually write on the wall using the pencil, we were not allowed to do that, but we traced the letters of the alphabet and numbers, then the flowers and the animals, and then try to imitate those that we have traced on anything we can write on, even on the tables and doors. 

I strongly believe that as a child grows up she remembers all these images even before she reached the school age. Being a mother, I think it is very important that little children are being conditioned to the things they will be thought in school when they come around. The images that they have been seeing as they grow up become more meaningful and come to life as they study them in school. 



I remember watching on television, an almost 3 year’s old girl who can read. Imagine that? Her mother had been diligently showing her images and after a while she can read. That is even before a formal education from the school. How much faster can she go when she enrolls? She will be a fast learner or even advance kid. And her parents must be very proud of her. 

For all the mothers, educators out there with babies, toddlers and pre-school children, Aside from having lots of stuff toys, nice cribs, teeter and so on, you should consider decorating your nursery rooms with beautiful, colorful and educational wall decals. The colors and images that we put together will surely boost the Einstein’s to your children. Educations starts at home so make sure you get what your child needs.