Edupod releases educational game sets in Singapore to revolutionize a change in learning curriculum for kids, special needs, or children with learning disorders and the disabled.

SINGAPORE – Although Singapore consistently come out top in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trend in International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) rankings for decades , there is still a longing need for school-education approach to be more inclusive, especially towards special needs. Edupod – a local based company will launch new products aiming to solve this with more than just teaching general subjects – expose children to values education, manual dexterity, association etc. to trigger children beyond the typical learning curve provided in school teachings. It's a fun and revolutionary way to spark children’s intelligence to go beyond the norm despite the difference in abilities.

The Ministry of Education has made efforts to move up in the learning curve, but it perhaps lags in efficacy of learning for the incipient age thus, there is a need to center towards on nurturing ingeniousness, innovation and entrepreneurship.   Every child should be given opportunities to develop his or her capabilities in an environment that accentuates, but furthermore promote inclusive inculcation of students of all faculties, with special needs and gregarious economic status.  

With compulsory inculcation for children with special needs starting from 2019, children with moderate to astringent special needs will require to attend publicly funded schools.  Singapore has come a long way towards building an inclusive society for people with special needs.
Designing adaptations or modifications to the curriculum for inclusive edification is a challenge for educators. The first leap is to engender inclusive classrooms with the following adaptable features, denoting they have to be flexible and adjustable to the different characteristics of the students. The next step is to set the curriculum to have activities that are age-congruous and sanction the utilization of multi-level edifying to take into consideration the diversity within the classroom.

Every child possesses different learning styles and abilities; therefore, it is important to support their individual needs. The collection of educational games Edupod carries has its benefits.

The range of educational products are available in 7 categories: association, emotions, language, manual dexterity, reasoning and mathematics, the senses and values education.
Quality/ Standards of Educational Games:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-carry
  • Portable
  • Suitable for
    • Children (aged 2-12 years)
    • Special Needs
    • Seniors
  • Games inspired by the Montessori Methodology
  • Logo-Bits Method (designed for speech therapy)

Pricing and Availability
The educational package sets’ pricings are listed on Edupod’s website under Educational Games category. Preorder options are made available for the educational products.

Editor’s Note: Beneficial Outcomes of the Educational Game Sets
1. Instill values for children to adapt positive attitudes. The products under Values Education category teaches values, such as friendship, tolerance, respect, understanding and patience, which are sown in childhood and develop in the person as they grow.

2. Train children’s sensory organs and proprioception. The products under The Senses category helps to train children’s sensory organs pick up stimuli of all kinds in the environment. This is a fundamental part of proprioception which can help them to improve in more complex actions, which in turn will affect their reading and writing skills.

3. Increase children/s autonomy and self-confidence. The products under Manual Dexterity category will guide children in their development of manual skills and allows the child to fully develop motor skills, play and socialize with other children normally.

4. Improve in perceiving their own emotions. The products under Emotions category will expose children with the recognition of facial expressions of those around them. Knowing the basic emotions and expressing them is a very important skill set and useful learning.

5. Specialized games aimed for special needs, children with disorders and the disabled: attention deficit, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities such as dyslexia and many more.
•    Intellectual Disability and Down’s Syndrome. The development of a child with an astute incapacitation tends to learn at a slower pace compared to other children. The educational games that Edupod offers are more fixated on stimulating your senses, developing autonomy, amending the expression of oral language and withal work on motor skills and embolden their socialization with the environment.
•    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dis. (ADHD). Children with ADHD or ADD have troubles in maintaining attention and following routines or guidelines. The educational games offered have a different approach to educating these children that is a fun way yet arouse children’s curiosity, avail them to fine-tune the concentration, organize and memorize playing.
•    Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) finds it difficult to socialize and think abstractly. The educational games provided are made for social skill development, embolden communication, stimulate their motor skills and enhance their creativity.
•    Learning Disorders (LD). Children with concrete learning disorders finds it hard to acquire knowledge which eventually affects their competency to receive, analyze or store information. The educational games are designed to improve reading, pronouncing capabilities or solving mathematical quandaries.

The educational products can be seen on Edupod’s website under Educational Games category.