EDUPOD is proud to launch our first-ever Merli-theme range of children’s furniture and learning resources.


“It is our conviction that our kids should play and learn in a safe, engaging, and fun environment. Our children’s furniture and learning resources aim to delight and support early childhood development and are handmade and assembled locally by our team of dedicated carpenters and craftsmen using eco-green materials that educate children about the circular economy”, says Zak Lo, Founder and Director of Edupod. 


In addition to being named a Made with Passion brand, we are excited to have the opportunity to retail our very own interactive wall play, and wooden furniture that is custom made by our dedicated team. We encourage families to be part of the celebration and fans of Merli will get to see Edupod’s products retailed at Design Orchard starting 1 Sep 2022. For this series, Edupod has specially designed Merli Toddler Chair, Merli Mirror and Storage Box and Merli Velcro Food Tray.



Merli, short for Merlion, is a heart-warming and whimsical illustration of Singapore’s mythical national icon. He is energetic, outgoing and loves sharing his passion for Singapore with friends and visitors around the world. Come join Merli on his adventures exploring this island of many possibilities, as he celebrates the 50th year anniversary of the Merlions statue in 2022!



Merli Food Tray

Handcrafted with passion, the Merli Food Tray connects young children and families to Singapore’s hawker culture. Sizzle! Pop! Crackle! Engage your Mini Chef in the activity of cutting fruits and vegetables helps to promote the development of your child’s fine motor skills. Let’s celebrate and explore with Merli! 


Merli Mirror and Storage Box

Handcrafted with passion, the Merli Mirror and Storage Box provides endless wonders for you! Aye, aye, Captain! Encourage your Mini Pirate to investigate and keep hidden treasures to develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem through independent play. Let’s celebrate and explore with Merli!


Merli Toddler Chair

Munch! Crunch! Nothing beat having a satisfied tummy. Encouraging healthy eating habits while staying seated promotes the development of your child’s independence during mealtimes. Let’s celebrate and explore with Merli!







Edupod is a market leader in the design, supply and distribution of children's furniture, playgrounds, protection guards and safety locks for early childhood and primary education institutions in Singapore and the Southeast Asia Region. We understand the need for fun and learning in a safe environment for our children, and our products combine functionality with durability and adopt a sustainable design; using eco-green materials that not only allow for interactive play and enhance the user’s experience. 


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