High pressure laminates (HPL) or what we usually call decorative laminates are thin, resilient products primarily used in interior renovation works as furniture surface materials, feature walls or wall paneling etc. These are the materials responsible for the various beautiful colours and designs seen in modern day carpentry works.


 While health hazards continue to threaten public health, an increased awareness of the problems associated with microbes has led Formica Group to introduce this high performance and more hygienic product to its range.


This new product has been tested against a number of leading standards including ISO22196:2011, JIS Z2801, ASTM G21 and it is capable of reducing microbe count on a surface by up to 99.5%.


Working closely with the world's leading antimicrobial Technology Company, Biocote, Formica Group has harnessed the power of silver and introduced it into the manufacturing process, providing the surface with enhanced protection.

Effective against a broad spectrum of microbes, Protec+ by Formica Group reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing a more hygienic surface and protecting consumers against their potentially negative effects. When properly maintained, the protection will last for the expected life of the treated product and will help to reduce cross-contamination.


Protec+ by Formica Group is ideally suited for a variety of applications including furniture, transportation, education, residential blocks, construction and healthcare. The product provides greater protection for public places as well as residential spaces and constructs a cleaner environment for consumers.


Formica Group has promoted over 400 varieties of decors which are capable of antimicrobial customization to satisfy unique decoration requirements from designers and architects.



  • Tougher and much healthier than untreated surfaces
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • A cleaner and safer environment built to last
  • A reduction of up to 99.9% microbes achieved in 2 hours