At an age where children love to play, jump and explore the environment, it becomes essential to take care of their safety especially since parents and teachers cannot be present everywhere all the time. 

We, at Edupod, the leading kids’ furniture designer in Singapore, have engineered and tested our entire range of products for child safety and accident protection. We strictly follow the ECDA guidelines and provide our customers with state of the art products. 



Over and above making all our furniture safe and child-friendly, we specialize in premium quality protection accessories like corner guards, finger alerts, padding, window alerts, and anti-slip steps. 

 Our exclusive variety of corner guards ranging from simple to designer options cater to different needs and facilities like hospitals, schools, homes and even industries. While some applications require corner guards to be distinctly visible and weatherproof, some might want it to blend with the surroundings. Starting at $2 for tables and $12 for wall edges, Edupod corner guards are affordable and easily available online. 


Finger pinching due to gaps between the doorframes and doors is another common source of injury. Our carefully designed Finger guardsFinger Alerts door blocker and door stopper follow the highest safety standards and help prevent finger entrapment. Our signature Edupod Finger Alert extreme product is a professional security system that can be used for doors with extremely wide openings.  

 Beyond these, one of our best sellers is the Transparent Finger Protection which is European regulation-compliant and blends easily with the surroundings for complete protection against finger injuries. 

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