Choosing The Right Study Table For Your Childs

A study table is one of the essential pieces of furniture in your children’s study room. Besides ensuring good posture, a study table also improves your children’s concentration while they learn. Therefore, purchasing one for children is equally crucial as for adults. Choosing an ideal study table may be a daunting task as there are countless types and brands available. To save you from the hassle, here are some key aspects to take into account to make the best purchasing decision.


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1.  Choose the right size 


The right study table can enhance learning but how can you tell which is appropriate for your child? Just a few measurements and a little calculation will do the trick! Consider the factors below to find the most suitable size.


  • Table height

To promote good posture and allow your children to sit comfortably, the top of your study table should be around 8 inches above the seat of your child’s chair. It is recommended to find a desk with adjustable legs for longer use. 


  • Size of the room

This is among the key considerations when it comes to shopping for children’s furniture in Singapore. Measure how big the room is so that you can find a study table that suits the space perfectly. To save even more space, corner desks are great options.


  • Size of the child

Keep the future in mind when choosing a study table as your children grow quickly. It is advisable to check if a certain study table is recommended for use at your children’s age.


2. Identify the table material


You should choose strong and durable material when buying children's furniture. A child’s study table may be made from stained hardwood, or tough-but-lightweight plastics and metals, with whimsical colours complementing the design. When selecting a wooden study table, you may also want to ensure that it is eco-friendly and sustainable. Moreover, tables that are easy to clean and maintain are definitely an added plus.

Identify the table material kids furniture in Singapore

3. Features


Nowadays, kids furniture commercialised in Singapore often come with modern designs and innovative features. Same goes for kids’ study tables. Beyond serving as a space for children to study, study tables are now designed with additional functionalities and features to accommodate different needs. Here are some features commonly found in kids’ study tables:


  • Caster wheels

Mobility should not be overlooked when choosing an ideal study table. To allow freedom of movement for your little one, go for a study table that is equipped with caster wheels.


  • Built-in storage

Some children’s study tables feature drawers, cubbyholes, pen stands, hinged cupboards and other storage capacity. This minimises the hassle of having to go to different corners of the room to collect items such as pens and notebooks. Thus, improved concentration is made possible as more time is spent at the study table without breaking focus away.  


  • Integrated bookshelf 

Study tables with an integrated bookshelf serve as ideal storage space to house your little one’s studying supplies. In turn, this saves you time, cost and effort of getting an additional bookshelf.


Getting a study table for your child may be challenging with numerous factors to take into account. We hope the tips above are helpful in guiding you through the purchasing process and always remember to be mindful of your child’s preferences and needs to select the best study table for them.


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